In Place Spring tour dates


26/5/18 8pm Opening Festival, Catalogue d’Emojis wp

Created by Michael Wolters and Paul Norman

Cobalt (Kate Halsall and Fumiko Miyachi) Paul Norman and Michael Wolters

In a new, interdisciplinary music theatre event by Michael Wolters, Catalogue d’Emojis combines traditional piano playing with text, movement, games and virtuosity. With pieces specially created for dynamic piano duo Fumiko Miyachi and Kate Halsall, the event will interpret the catalogue of emojis in a variety of ways, through music, drawings and lists.



28/2 5pm The Lab: Piano Project Royal Birmingham Conservatoire composers


Frontiers 1st February: Cobalt Duo


Shenanigans | NMC Recordings

NMC D241 Riley










Tom Lessels clarinet
Kate Halsall piano
Genevieve Wilkins percussion
Rebecca Hepplewhite cello
Celine Saout harp
Nicola Summerscales alto flute
Samantha Wickramasinghe violin
Jessica Beeston viola
Matthew Schellhorn piano

Shenanigans | NMC Recordings