Stromatolite Residency | Hear the City

Andrew Faraday
Kate Halsall
Annalisa Terranova

A collaboration that formed out of the ICT & Art Connect Hackathon event at NEM, Nantes, programmer Andrew, musician Kate and video artist Annalisa developed and built an art installation/performance that interacts with local social media feeds to present a compelling sonification of our interactive daily lives.

Hear the City takes random snapshots of social activity from specific localities through the conversion of Twitter feeds into musical notation, creating a reflection on both the endless invisible streams of metadata and the visible comments we throw out into the world.

Incorporating projections showing the origins of the Tweets and feeds, real time Instagram pictures and synthesised text to note sounds, the installation is accompanied by a live recital of the translated incoming texts by concept pianist Kate Halsall. Shifting effortlessly between the poignant and the humorous, this unique combination of analogue and digital, live performance and generative music, shines a compelling spotlight onto our social world.

This project began at the NEM Summit in 2013 and the results will be premiered on 12th May at the Sigma Orionis event, The ICT and Art Connect at the European Commission in Brussels, May11-12.

Further Reading

Connecting Art and Technology: European trends and forward looking
A FET-ART panel will present the major findings of the project, delivering recommendations to the European Commission and outlining new research venues and best practices. The panel is made of: Marta Arniani (Sigma Orionis); Camille Baker (Brunel University); Lucas Evers (Waag Society); Svetlana Kondakova (Black Cube Collective); Michela Magas (Stromatolite). The session is moderated by Roger Torrenti.

ICT & Art Connect
Sigma Orionis