Call for scores lunchtime series in Bath

Kate is programming a new lunchtime  series in partnership with Music Orbit and the beautiful St Swithin’s Church in Bath, featuring music by student composers. Please get in touch if you’d like material to be considered for these events. Contact Kate for more info.

4 new Duos with piano:

19/4/13 1pm: Folksongs, with  Sarah Dacey

17/5/13 1pm: Piano/Perc, with  Genevieve Wilkins

21/6/13 1pm: Recorders/Keys: with  Laura Cannell

19/7/13 1pm: 1 piano/4 hands with  Fumiko Miyachi

Submissions will be selected by each Duo and be part of a programme of contemporary music, for a 60 minute lunchtime performance.


Please send your Biography, details of your Course of study and Composition tutor’s name/contact email to

Submitted material should be a short work, maximum duration of 8’ and can be existing material or written especially for the selected Call. (NB Recorders/Keys -starting points for improvisation prefered.) Please include this information in full along with programme notes.

Deadline for each Call: One month in advance of the performance date.

19/3/13 Folksongs

17/4/13 Piano/Perc

21/5/13 Recorders/Keys

19/6/13 1 Piano/4 hands

Contact Kate for more info/deadlines.

Music Orbit reserves the right to film all performances. Music Orbit produces independent live events supported by Brunel University and HEIF.