Lunchtime Series | St Swithin’s Church, Bath

12.30pm, 21st June

Recorders, Fiddle and Piano

Laura Cannell recorders/fiddle, Kate Halsall piano with special guests, St Andrew’s Primary School Recorder Group

Deers Bark – treble, descant, piano

O ignee Spiritus – Hildegard von Bingen after Terry Riley in C – fiddle, piano

The Happiness of Both Worldes – treble, piano

Deus Enim / Lady do not Look – Hildegard & Machaut – fiddle, piano

To Hinder The Night – descant, treble, piano, voices

Adje Janco – fiddle, piano

La Follia Corelli – treble, piano

La Gamba improvisation  – treble,  piano

*The final deadline for existing/new works by student composers is 19/6/13 for piano duet (performance date 19th July) with Fumiko Miyachi.