Happenstance: LV21 7/8th November


Happenstance: 8th November 6pm boarding, starts 6.30pm. Tickets £3

Performance on LV21, moored at Gillingham Pier, with improvised music by Galvanize ensemble, other music/installation by Tansy Davies, Helen Papaioannou, Robert Szymanek, John Cage, Rzewski and artist Claire Orme.

7th November: Composers’ Workshop with Duncan MacLeod, Robert Szymanek and Helen Papaioannou and students from MidKent College and School of Music and Fine Art, University of Kent. Joel Bell electric guitar, Sarah Dacey soprano, Paul Fretwell electronics, Kate Halsall piano/harmonium, Phil Maguire sound sound, feat. Genevieve Wilkins percussion and Jennifer Allum violin.