Miniaturised Concertos | Bell-like Joel Bell

Joel Bell – Bell-like (2014) For two pianos (and e.guitar)

Pianos Martin Butler, Kate Halsall, e.guitar Joel Bell

Joel Bell Composer/ Guitarist
Recording, Digital Editing & Mastering Chris Lewis

Miniaturised Concertos | Maché will be released Spring 2016 on Metier.

Commissions by Philip Cashian, Colin Riley, Katharine Norman, Andrew Poppy and Naomi Pinnock, for duo, electronics, live processing and ensemble. Maché composers are Ryoko Akama, Leo Chadburn, Helen Papaiouannou, Timo Tuhkanen, Joel Bell, Matthew Rowan, Ruta Vitkauskaite, Simon Vincent, Devon Yasamune Toyotomi, Duncan MacLeod, Dominic Murcott, Emma Ruth Richards, Rich Perks, Andrew Morgan, Rowland Sutherland. Supported by Arts Council England, RVW Trust, BPF.