Call for Duets [1 Piano/4 hands] : Existing works for album project

Kate Halsall & Fumiko Miyachi piano duo

Frontiers 2016

We are putting together an album of piano duets (1 piano/4hands). We’re really interested to know if you have existing works you would like to submit for this project, which we will be recording at Birmingham Conservatoire. NB: Please only submit pieces that are not currently released on disc elsewhere.

It’s a challenge for composers (we’ve found) to write successfully for this medium, which can seem ‘small scale’ and has various technical hazards, not to mention the occasional body slam..

We can’t guarantee to include all pieces for a single disc release, as we have some new works already committed to for this project. The final composer collection will be 50% female, 50% male. We’re happy for you to encourage any students you may have, to submit works too.


Please only send digital copies of scores. If you have supporting audio, send a link/file share, not an attachment please. Please include tech spec for any electronics/preparations etc.

Content: Duration is open, though with the caveat of fitting into a set of works for a single disc release. Pieces with any extended piano techniques, electronics, improvisation, voice/s, or any experimental performance ideas are welcome, as long as consideration of the recording format for this project, have been assessed. We will plan to give live performances during the project whenever possible.

Deadline: You can submit to, subject line DUETS until 28/2/2017 and we will let you know within 2 weeks if we would like to record your piece. You are welcome to attend rehearsal/recording sessions.

Example of recent release: