Programme: Sound and Vision – new music for film Galvanize ensemble

  • 22nd November 2013 Venue: St Swithin’s Church, Bath

Programme: Duets Kate Halsall & Fumiko Miyachi, final event in series

Programme: Miniaturised Concertos Residency with Andrew Poppy and SWMS

Programme: Making Place, Katharine Norman, The New Atlantis, Duncan MacLeod (details to be announced)

Programme: Piano Masterclass, multi keyboard workshop and performance with QKS students

Programme: Hackathon with Stromatolite

Programme: Galvanize at Hack The Barbican

Programme: Bath Colourscape Music Festival, prog TBC

Programme: New Series final event. Piano Duet: Fumiko Miyachi and Kate

Programme:  Fiddle/recorder/keys: Laura Cannell and Kate

Programme: Joining the Docks–  SMFA Medway Degree Show Grand Opening

Programme:  Making Place premiere and student works/Katharine Norman

  • 18th May 2013, 19:30 Venue: Circomedia, Bristol

Programme: Ockham’s Razor Not Until We Are Lost

Programme: Folksong/composition workshop 2, with Sarah Dacey

Programme: Kate will be mentoring a multi piano ensemble

Programme: Ockham’s Razor Not Until We Are Lost

Programme: Workshop 1, Miniaturised Concertos/Katharine Norman

Programme: New Series continues. Percussionist Genevieve Wilkins, piano Kate

  • 8th May 2013, 13:00 Venue: The Chapel, University of Kent

Programme: Folksong Project- new student works with soprano Sarah Dacey

Programme: Making Place – piano , electronics, video (solo version) with Katharine Norman

Programme: New Series programmed by Kate, in partnership with Music Orbit. Soprano Sarah Dacey, piano Kate

Programme: Ockham’s Razor Not Until We Are Lost

Programme: Residency with SWMS, Miniaturised Concertos

Programme: Ockham’s Razor Not Until We Are Lost

  • 27th March 2013 VenueOld Queen’s Head, Islington 

ProgrammeThe Nest Collective, with Sarah Dacey