Kate has broadcast for BBC 2, BBC Radio 3’s In Tune and Late Junction, BBC Radio 4, a number of series for Resonance fm, including Horizontal Transfer. She has Releases on Squeaky Kate, NMC Recordings, Birmingham Record Label, Metier, Summerfold Records, Another Timbre, TQN – aut and her own bandcamp.


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Album reviews:

Antoine Beuger’s ‘Ockeghem Octets’ (2005), played by Ryoko Akama (melodica), Seamus Cater (concertina), Kate Halsall (harmonium), Sarah Hughes (e-bow zither), Ecka Mordecai (cello), Harriet Richardson (flute), Leo Svirsky (accordion) and Kathryn Williams (alto flute). CD release on Another Timbre, June 2017

Guardian review, 6th July 17 “tender and heroically controlled”

Miniaturised Concertos was released on Metier in 2016, Kate commissioned composers Philip Cashian, Katharine Norman, Naomi Pinnock, Andrew Poppy and Colin Riley. The music for two pianos incorporates video, text, improvised/notated material, extended techniques, ghost pianos and resonating objects, ensemble and electronics. There are 17 Maché short pieces, forming a multi-composer series of remixed ‘concertos’, taking material from Calls for scores and developing ideas and interpretations, produced and mixed by Kate and James Waterworth. Pianists are Kate Halsall, Fumiko Miyachi, Marjolaine Charbin and Martin Butler and Rachael Ueckermann.

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‘Energetic and at times downright cheeky … as accessible as it is intellectual and as felt as it is thought’ Andy Robson, Jazzwise, 2009

‘Restless, intricate rhythms … absorbing and gently hypnotic. The avant garde shows its happy face.’ John Bungey, The Times, 2009